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Top 5 trending colours for Australian Spring/Summer 2022 Weddings

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Top 5 trending colours for Australian Spring/Summer 2022 Weddings

It can be very difficult to work out the colours to have for your wedding. A lot depends on the colours you both like, venue and the theme of the wedding. Below are some ideas from the trending colours this upcoming Spring/Summer seasons. We will also cover timelines for organising your outfits and some hints and tips to help you along the way.

The Top 5 Trending Colours for Australian Spring/Summer 2022 Weddings are:

  • Navy Blue (dark blue colour)
  • Dusky Blue (smoky blue colour)
  • Orchid (pinkish purple colour)
  • Forest Green (dark green colour)
  • Burnt Orange (orange/brown colour)

Burgundy seems to be taking a backseat this year, after 2-3yrs of being the most popular colour by far.

Some may think that picking the colours for your bridal party is easy, but it isn’t. There are so many things to consider, which we will cover below to give you some inspiration.  Don’t forget to include your Groom in the decision making as it is his day too!

Natasha burnt orange dress

So, what is your venue?

A Church Wedding is usually quite formal.  It may also need a conservative dress code with not too much flesh showing.  A Beach Wedding, a Farm Wedding or a Backyard Wedding are usually informal to casual.  You then have an Intimate Wedding or an Elopement, which may or may not have a bridal party.  Each style will have some influence on the colours you choose for your special day.

What style and theme are you going for?

Are you having a Formal Spring/Summer Wedding, or will it be Cocktail style? This is also an important question because it is a great idea to let your guests know the dress code for the day.  The last thing you want on your wedding day is someone turning up in a dress the same colour as your Bridesmaids.  You also wouldn’t want someone wearing casual when it is a formal wedding.  Let me tell you, we have been to weddings where guys turn up in jeans.


  • A Formal wedding will usually have floor length dresses
  • A Cocktail wedding will be knee or tea length (mid-calf) dresses

Suzanne navy blue dress

Once you know where you are getting married and what your style is; how do you decide on your colour/s?

Here are some ideas for colour, based on the current trends:

  • Church Wedding – Pastels are big as is Burgundy or Navy dresses. Usually, floor length dresses and the Boys in Tuxedo’s. 
  • Beach Wedding – Blues, Yellows, Champagne or Pinks. This can be floor length or cocktail dresses, but often cocktail is better if you have a long walk on the sand.  Trending for the boys is Linen Suits or Cargo/Chino Shorts with a Linen Shirt.
  • Farm Wedding – Greens like Forest Green, Sage, Pistachio and Burnt Orange or Mustard. These can be floor length or cocktail and the boys wear suits or chino style pants with suspenders.
  • Backyard Wedding – this can be a little more open as it depends on what theme you are going for. Blue and Green are trending colours for the Australian Spring/Summer seasons. The darker colours seem to be the colours used most often for these weddings.
  •  An Intimate or Elopement Wedding – may not have a bridal party. If they do it is usually darker colours, like Navy, Black or Burgundy or Pastels if it is a beach elopement.

The theme of your wedding can also play a part in the colours you choose, so think about your theme. Are you even having a ‘theme’?  What is a theme?

Belinda forest green dress

Popular Wedding Themes:

  • Gothic
  • Harry Potter, Dr Who, Disney (favourite TV Shows/Movies)
  • Rustic
  • Glitz and Glam
  • Gatsby

The other thing to consider is, if you have Bridesmaids, what is their hair and skin colour. Paler colours may not be an option for a Blonde, fair skinned girl, unless she is getting a spray tan for your wedding.  Lighter colours do look great on dark haired girls. Redheads look great in Greens and Blues. This can be very tricky if your bridesmaids are all very different, so keep this in mind.

Here is our Photo Gallery for inspiration:

Once you have some ideas of theme and colours it is time to go shopping.

Find your Bridal Gown first as this will influence the colour choices you make for the rest of the bridal party. Where once upon a time Brides would wear White or Ivory, these days the bride can wear whatever colour she likes. We have seen some lovely bridal gowns in Red, Black, Peach, Mocha and Burgundy in the last year or so. There has also be a lean towards having a different colour underneath a White or Ivory dress. Coming through are some lovely Champagnes and Mochas.

The best time to start shopping for your dress is at least 6-9 months before your wedding. Many stores will need that amount of lead time to get your dress made for you. If you are intending to buy ‘off the rack’ then you can leave it a little closer to the time. If you are pretty set on the style of Wedding Dress you would like, it might take you some time to find ‘the dress’.  The sooner you start looking, the better.  Also consider that you may need to get some alterations done to the dress, so you need to allow time for that too.

Time for the Groom-to-be to step in to the picture again

Once you have chosen your gown, it is important to chat to your Groom. Ask him what colours he would like to see for your wedding. Often the girls make all the decisions, and the guys feel like all they do is turn up on the day. This may suit some of them, but many like to feel involved in some way.  Find out what he envisions for the guys and if he doesn’t know, here are some suggestions:

  • For a formal Wedding - full Suit for the Groom with the Groomsmen in Formal Vests
  • Backyard or Farm Wedding - the Groom in a Formal Vest with the Groomsmen in Suspenders
  • Beach Wedding – the Groom in Linen Shorts & Vest with the Groomsmen in Shorts only

Remember, the Groom should stand out from the rest of the bridal party on his side. We often get asked how to do this, so this is what we say. If the Groomsmen are wearing a Necktie, the Groom should wear a different colour. Something that compliments the bridal gown is always good. The Groom could wear a Bow Tie, with the Groomsmen in Neckties or vice versa. The Groomsmen colour should either match or compliment the Brides bridal party. Get the dress/es and then work out the Ties. We often help with colour matching to the dresses as this can be very difficult.

Shopping with the Girls

Now it is time to have a chat to your Bridesmaids about styles and colours you are considering. A word of warning: Don't let your Bridesmaids dictate your style or colour. Remember, it is your day! If your bridesmaids are paying for their own dresses, consider the budget. Ask them if they would prefer to find dresses at a store that offers a payment plan of some sort.

Shania Dusky Blue Dress

Shopping with the Guys

Try to let your Groom take control here.  It is often difficult for the Bride-to-be to give free reign to the guys, especially if they are an extrovert, but try.  Give him some guidelines to go by but let him go shopping with the boys on his own, unless he asks you to be there. 

Ouyen Forest Green Vest Burnt Orange Necktie


Chose that flowers to compliment the colours for your bridal party. If you are unsure, speak to your chosen florist as they are a wealth of information. If you like particular flowers, check if they are in season. If you are looking for fresh bouquets you may need to compromise here.

Remember; don’t stress!  Good vendors will help you with every step and guide you when you are unsure.  It is important to remember that planning your wedding should be fun and a great experience.  Reach out to those in the know as much as you need.  The wedding pages on Facebook are also great as others can often answer any questions.  They are also great for recommendations of vendors if you are unsure.

Julietta Orchid Dress

Summary of the ideal timeline:

  • Bridal Gown – at least six (6) months before the wedding
  • Bridesmaids – at least three (3) months
  • Groom and Groomsmen – at least three (3) months
  • Flowers and Decorations – at least two (2) months unless you are creating your own


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