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Top 10 Wedding Games plus something for the kiddies

Posted by Carol Emerton on

Top 10 Wedding Game Ideas

Wedding games can be a fun way to break the ice.  They also serve to keep your guests occupied whilst you get your awesome wedding photos.  If your guests are waiting outside then a few lawn games can be great.  Games can also be played at the reception to break up the night or to get everyone mingling.

Lawn Games

  • Cornhole also known as bean bag toss.

The board can be painted to the theme of your wedding or add your names and the date.  It makes a great keepsake and can be used for years to come.  You can add one hole and lay it on a 30-degree angle.  Add more holes of different sizes with scores for each and stand it more upright (image below).  It is played with four small square bean bags per person or team.  Different colours are given to each team. You can buy these, but if you have someone handy why not make one.  There are some great You Tube videos on how to make this fun game.

Bean Bag Toss Game

  • Giant Jenga

This is another fun game that always gets some laughs.  You can buy the larger Jenga sets, but you could also get some wood cut to size at your local hardware store.  Paint the blocks and add some phrases or words that describe you and your bride/groom.  If you do make a giant Jenga ensure there are no children around when playing it or cordon off an area.  The last thing you want on your wedding day is an ambulance coming to take an injured child to hospital.

Giant Jenga Game

  • Giant Connect Four

An old classic, everyone loves Connect Four.  You can buy this one or I believe there are also places to hire it.  The children will love playing this game too.

Giant Connect Four Game 

  • Giant Chess

Who doesn’t like a game of Chess?  The guys often enjoy this game and can help with the male bonding on your day.

Giant Chess Game

  • Ring Toss

Another easy game to make or you can buy them fairly cheaply is Ring Toss.  There are different variations of this game with anywhere from one to five spikes to throw the rings on to.  It’s a little like darts in that different spikes will give you different points.  The centre spike is the highest score with the closest spikes being the lower scores. 

Ring Toss Game

  • Croquet

Croquet is a traditional game that has been around for almost 200 years.  You can buy a set of Croquet, making it an easy option.  The only consideration is whether your venue will allow you to put holes in their lawn.


  • Bocce

Bocce is another older game, dating back to 9000 BC, but it is lots of fun and why it is still around today.  It is similar to lawn bowls, which is enjoyed by young and old.  Teams of up to four people are selected.  You can buy Bocce sets in most sports shops. 


Reception Games

  • The Shoe Game

This will always get a few laughs.  Here are a few questions to get you started and give you some ideas.  Maybe select around 10 questions, so that the game doesn’t go for too long.

  • Who said “I love you” first?
  • Who made the first move?
  • Who has better handwriting?
  • Who dresses the best?
  • Who is the better dancer?
  • Whose phone battery always has more charge?
  • Who says “I love you” more
  • Who is more likely to run late?
  • Who is a better driver?
  • Who is the better cook?
  • Who is better at singing?
  • Who picked your wedding date?
  • Who chose the ‘first dance’ song?
  • Who is the boss in your relationship?

Wedding Shoe Game

  •  Bride & Groom Trivia

This is like Pub Trivia, only it will be about the two of you.  A prize per table can be the centrepiece or buy some gifts for the winning table.

  1. Where did the bride and groom meet? (put your names of course)
  2. How long were they together before getting engaged?
  3. Do they want to have a family?  Bonus point if you can guess how many children they would like.
  4. Where did they go on their first holiday together?
  5. What stone is in the brides engagement ring?
  6. What suburb do they live?
  7. How many siblings does the groom have?
  8. Does the groom have a middle name? Bonus point if you know what it is
  9. When is the grooms birthday? Bonus point if you know how old he is
  10. What is the grooms zodiac sign?
  11. What school did the groom go to?
  12. What was the grooms first job?
  13. How many siblings does the bride have?
  14. Does the bride have a middle name? Bonus point if you know what it is
  15. When is the brides birthday? Bonus point if you know how old she is
  16. What is the brides zodiac sign?
  17. What school did the bride go to?
  18. What was the brides first job?
  19. If they were to be stuck on a deserted island, what are the three things they would bring?
  20. If they win lotto what is the first thing they will buy?
  •  Scavenger Hunt Musical Chairs

This is fun and you will see just how competitive your friends are in playing this one.  Make sure you have plenty of room to play as it will become chaotic.  Start off with 10 to 12 chairs placed back-to-back.  Whilst your guests are finding the item, play some music, take away a chair and stop the music.  Those that come back without the item are eliminated.  If they have their item, they try to find a free chair.  Anyone left standing is out.  There is only one rule: you can’t use anything that is yours.

Some ideas on things to find:

  • A Necktie
  • A Bowtie
  • A Black Sock
  • A hair accessory (comb, clip, hat)
  • A Drivers Licence
  • A Lipstick
  • A $2 coin
  • A Hairbrush
  • A High heeled shoe
  • A Men’s Brown Shoe
  • A Watch
  • A Phone
  • A Camera
  • A Spoon
  • A Napkin
  • A Balloon
  • An Earring
  • A Bracelet
  • A Belt
  • A Flower (you can even say a colour based on your decorations)

Musical Chairs Scavenger Hunt

Kids Games

If you have children at your wedding it is a great idea to give them something to play with.  Children get bored easily and will then start running around, so give them something to do.

  • Lego Centrepieces

The children can pull them apart and make their own designs.  If the table has younger children, then Duplo size pieces would be better for them.  We don’t want any choking hazards at your wedding.

Lego Centrepiece at Wedding

  • Colouring Station

Activity books are great as they will have puzzles and colouring in.  Sticker Books are great for younger children.  Colouring in books and pencils or crayons. 

  • A ‘make your own’ set of some sort

If you get some fabric pens and some plain white t-shirts they could create their own art on a shirt.

  • Felt Art

Most craft stores will have felt art sets.  This can occupy the children for hours as they create different scenes.


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